puzzling timeApril 13 2024

puzzling time focuses on the elusive nature of time and the perpetual struggle of juggling daily tasks and it investigates temporal prioritization and how it differs from person to person. the piece features a laser-cut puzzle board shaped like an hourglass and crocheted tangram-style pieces, each representing the multifaceted responsibilities of our daily endeavors. 

puzzling time encourages viewers to question their priorities and confront the challenge of fitting their disparate elements into a singular representation of time. as intended, the visitors, despite their best efforts, will never be able to fit all of the pieces into the puzzle as there is an excess of pieces for the puzzle. this creates a confrontation between the visitor and the inadequacies of time to accommodate all of life’s demands. 

made with birchwood and assorted yarn, using the laser cutter, crochet hooks, and adobe illustrator

featured in 11:59, a curated student show at TheBlanc Gallery